Utrecht, city of bike

Around 25,000 citizens go daily to their jobs by bicycle in this city. It is the most widely used means of transportation and what makes this city so recognized by passionate cyclists. They have a car park that is known as the largest in the world, with a capacity for 12,500 bicycles.

Besides, they do not keep what they have. In this city, cycling continues to advance and more cyclists want to attend a tour of the streets. They have stopped using cars for ecological reasons and prefered bicycles and public transport.

Cycling around the city is totally free, even for tourists. You are helping the planet and at the same time getting in shape.

There are no mountains or hills nearby, so it is a good destination for those travelers who just start in this world and want to go little by little. However, Amsterdam is about 40km from Utrecht for those who prefer a longer route, it should be made clear that the territory is still flat.

Respect for cyclists in this city is so important that you will not be in any danger, as there are few cars out there. However, if you do find one, they will be extremely careful with cyclists. The only care you must have is to wear the right clothes, that also means you have to have the best travel backpack so you can carry all your things… Cyclists do not usually carry many things on the trip, but sportswearsome extra clothing, and sports shoes, can work perfectly for pedaling and to make some stops while you know the city.


Amsterdam: more bicycles than cars

Since the year 1960, with the appearance and growth of cars in the city of Amsterdam, this city has become the paradise for cyclists. Why? Because when cars began to be the main cause of accidents in which children died, the population decided to become a cycling population. That’s why this city is fully adapted to be on two wheels, which makes it a great tourist destination for cyclists.

To pedal around Amsterdam there are a few things you should know. For example, you should not stand in the middle of the lane to do anything. It is dangerous, for you and for other users who are on the road. In this sense, never forget that you should always cycle on the bike lanes, even if you are a tourist, the rules are for everyone, in addition, so avoid risks.

If you travel with your family you will have no problem, especially if you are traveling with children, because in the city rent bakfiets, which are a kind of tricycle with a wooden box that goes in front of the bicycle and there you can sit the children. I told you that the city was prepared for everything related to cycling.

Bicycle parks are amazing. There are too many! I think the problem here will be to find some space, although it is not impossible. In this city, they are very serious about pedaling. I would not hesitate or think twice to visit.

Touring Amsterdam by bicycle will really make you know the city. One morning you can do so many things and go so many places that you would not believe it. You can go from the van Gogh Museum to the Albert Cuyp market, two things totally different, but you must visit.


Copenhage is synonymous with pedal

Pedaling is what they do well in this city. People are so accustomed, they prefer to go to their jobs on bicycles, rather than on cars. If you are a cycling enthusiast and you thought cycling around town was a bad idea, Copenhage will make you travel and change your mind.

If you decide to go, try not to be impressed when you see people in suits and heels pedaling. It is the most normal thing in that city. 35% of the population does it. Without a doubt you will enjoy the tour, since you can ride around the whole city by bike. Besides, it does not have slopes, the city is flat, like the whole country.

 No, it is not insecure. Copenhage has about 350km of bicycle lanes that are totally safe. They are even separated from the normal road. It is your decision to choose which part of the city to go to, you can go to the beach, the forest or the parks.

No, you do not need to take a bike so far. In this city they also rent them. In fact, it has been awarded for two consecutive years as the best city for cyclists. For rent you have 2 alternatives, one a little expensive and one too economical: you only have to leave a coin at a bike station as a deposit and then when you return the bicycle, you recover it.

A fact that every traveler should know, is that you can go anywhere in the city and if you get tired, you can take your bicycle and get on the train and back. This city is magical. I’m pretty sure it’s one of the few that lets this do. They take the cyclists very seriously.


US places to ride your bike

For the lovers of the long or short routes, by bicycle, today I bring to you some places that I would like you to know while pedaling. Some may like short routes, while others may pedal through entire states. That’s why, I’ll introduce you to several places that you can go to in the USA, and it’s up to you to choose one. Everyone should be visited, to be honest.

Let’s start with the biggest thing. The city of Minneapolis, in Minnesota, is one of the places most chosen by cyclists. Why? I think its almost 150km of bicycle lane is the answer. As an addition, not only has lanes within the city but also within nature, if you want to clear your mind and surround yourself with a little of the natural. In addition, they offer the sharing of bicycles in summer and spring.

Portland, Oregon. It has varied cycling routes, through which you can reach tourist places of the state. If you ask me where to go first, I definitely recommend the Greenbelt Coast Walkway.

Ashton, Idaho. It is a completed trail in 2010. Along the way, you will find beautiful landscapes and three wooden bridges in which, without a doubt, you should take some photos.

Santa Bárbara, California. Here you will be surrounded by beaches, as this trail starts at Santa Bárbara beach. It’s a little inclined, so maybe you want to take a break sometime. It is a very quiet territory with enviable views. In fact, on the way, you will see some famous houses.

Finally, Boulder, Colorado. I think this is the one I like most of all. You can pedal the city almost entirely. They have been concerned about having enough roads available. In fact, they have the “Valmont bike park”, which has a 182km square to be cycled and waiting for you.